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Alcune culture sono migliori delle altre? [EN]

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Alcune culture sono migliori di altre? Oppure tutte le culture e i loro valori sono sostanzialmente uguali? L’autore Dinesh D’Souza, che è nato in India e ora vive in America, ci da la sua opinione:

Some years ago, Nobel-prize winning novelist Saul Bellow created a major controversy when he said, “Find me the Tolstoy of the Zulus, or the Proust of the Papuans, and I would be happy to read him.” For this, Bellow was accused of racism. The charge was nonsense. Bellow wasn’t saying that the Zulus and Papuans are incapable of producing great novelists. He was saying that, as far as he knew, they hadn’t. But just by raising the possibility that some cultures have contributed more than others, he violated the chief tenet of multiculturalism.

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