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L’energia nucleare non è una risposta in tempi di cambiamento climatico [EN]

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A cura di @Apollyon.

Erica Cirino e Heidi Hutner spiegano su Aeon che gli effetti del cambiamento climatico stanno rendendo più rischioso l’impiego dell’energia nucleare.

The Santa Susana Field Laboratory property has had a long history of contaminated soil and groundwater. Indeed, a 2006 advisory panel compiled a report suggesting that workers at the lab, as well as residents living nearby, had unusually high exposure to radiation and industrial chemicals that are linked to an increased incidence of some cancers. Discovery of the pollution prompted California’s DTSC in 2010 to order a cleanup of the site by its current owner – Boeing – with assistance from the US Department of Energy and NASA. But the required cleanup has been hampered by Boeing’s legal fight to perform a less rigorous cleaning.

Immagine da Tony Fischer – Flickr.

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