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30.000 case vuote e nessun posto dove vivere: viaggio nella crisi abitativa della città di Dublino

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Il Guardian pubblica un reportage sull’emergenza abitativa nella città di Dublino, dove secondo Brian McLoughlin, operatore dell’ente di beneficenza ICHH (Inner City Helping Homeless), il problema dei senzatetto, il cui numero sarebbe in continua crescita, costituirebbe un affare per diverse categorie.

[…] For all that the crisis has specifically Irish elements, it is full of echoes of what is happening elsewhere. In the UK, at least 320,000 people are homeless, about 170,000 of them in London. In Copenhagen, youth homelessness has increased by 75% since 2009. Between 2013 and 2017, the number of homeless people in Warsaw rose by 37%. In Athens, one in 70 people are reckoned to have nowhere to live. Even in Germany, the supposed embodiment of “social Europe”, there is rising anxiety about a homelessness problem made much worse by the fact that state-owned homes have been sold in huge volumes to private investors. In most of these cases, you find much the same basic themes: the decline of public housing, the arrival of gentrification, the way that tourism now collides with the housing needs of local people, and the sense that city economies built around multinational companies inevitably exclude thousands of people.

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