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Da programmatore a signore del crimine [EN]

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Un articolo del LA Times (link alternativo) racconta la storia di Paul Le Roux, programmatore sudafricano di talento diventato uno dei più pericolosi signori del crimine del ventunesimo secolo.

“The Mastermind” chronicles Le Roux’s metamorphosis from garden-variety misanthropic nerd with mad coding skills (born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, beguiled as a teen by programming’s power “to create worlds in code”) to sociopathic kingpin. It’s unclear why a doted-on kid from a well-off home broke bad, but Ratliff surmises that discovering at 30 he was adopted flicked a switch. Whatever the catalyst, his arc thereafter is one of exhilarating human agency, moral vacuity and abject depravity that intersects with the storylines of our time — failed states, war in Iraq and Afghanistan that washed up footloose vets and ex-military contractors in the fleshpots of Manila as bagmen and muscle for Le Roux’s ventures, and the opioid epidemic.

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