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Il problema dell’holiday hunger [EN]

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Un articolo della CNN spiega il fenomeno della “holiday hunger” nel Regno Unito, dove il periodo delle vacanze accresce le difficoltà delle famiglie povere per via della chiusura delle mense scolastiche.

The summer holidays are the highlight of the year for many children, but across Britain, millions of parents on benefits and low wages face stress and anxiety over whether they will be able to provide food for their families.

While the UK recorded its biggest budget surplus since 2000 last week, the measures of austerity that have cut through communities across the country have left parents fearing the worst during the six-week summer break from school.

Some 31% of children in Coventry live in poverty. Many of them rely on free school dinners throughout the year for their one hot meal a day.

When there’s no school, there are no free school meals. It’s a problem that has increased markedly in recent years and left families struggling, according to charity Feeding Britain.

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