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Jim Simons, il re dei numeri [EN]

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The New Yorker racconta la storia del matematico americano Jim Simons, pioniere del quantitative investing e fondatore di Renaissance Technologies, uno dei più grandi fondi speculativi di Wall Street.

Renaissance has had an unprecedented run. Bloomberg Markets, in an article last year, called the firm’s signature product, the Medallion Fund, “perhaps the world’s greatest moneymaking machine.” For nearly three decades, it has gone up by eighty per cent annually, on average, before fees. Renaissance’s other, bigger funds have done less well. Simons said that this is a consequence of their size: large amounts of money cannot be traded as quickly, and longer-term trading makes algorithms less useful. “It’s like the weather,” he says—the nearer in, the higher the certainty.

Simons made his first million dollars by his early forties, his first billion by his sixties. “It was fun making the money,” he said.

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