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La vera ragione del successo imprenditoriale: il privilegio [EN]

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Jason Ford su Medium scrive di come il suo successo da imprenditore self made man sia in realtà legato al privilegio di essere bianco e proveniente da un ambiente comunque borghese.

I am a millionaire. The first in my family. A self-made success. It’s the story we love to tell ourselves in America about how anyone can make it. Except it’s not true. The reality is that most entrepreneurs—myself included—are the product of generations of privilege that enable success. You just have to look a little deeper to see it.

My success came on the shoulders of the generations before me. And theirs on the generations before them.

If my ancestors had not been White, there is a good chance I would never have been able to start a business. Just two generations ago mortgage and lending discrimination were widespread. It is unlikely my grandfather would have been able to start a business as a Black man. I probably wouldn’t have grown up the same neighborhood with the same schools as a result.

My wife’s grandmother would almost certainly have not been able to buy the land she used to fund my business if she had not been White. Her husband probably wouldn’t have gotten the promotion to school superintendent and been given the higher salary to afford the loan on the land either.

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