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Benvenuti nella povera Germania [EN+IT]

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Su suggerimento di @Jack O’Been.

Il paese starebbe sperperando il suo futuro e consumando troppo senza investire. La colpa, secondo Daniel Stelter per The Globalist è da attribuire ai vari governi guidati da Angela Merkel (qui la traduzione):

It all starts with the politics of the so-called “black zero” in government finances, which is nothing else than the commitment to a permanent budget surplus for the government at the national level.

Achieving this goal was quite easy over the last years. Thanks to ECB policy and the unresolved crisis of the Eurozone, interest rates on German government bonds fell below zero. Due to this effect alone, the German finance minister has saved 300 billion euros in interest expenses since 2009.

In addition, the economic boom fueled by the low interest environment and the relatively weak euro reduced costs for unemployment support and led to record high tax revenues in Germany.

Still, the “black zero” is an illusion created by politicians, notably former finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, to boost their own image. A closer look reveals that the “black zero” comes at a high cost and, if one applies proper accounting, is even not true.

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