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Discutere di questo articolo è molestia sessuale? [EN]

Discutere di questo articolo è molestia sessuale? [EN]

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A cura di @Apollyon.

Un articolo di Quillette prende posizione sulla questione del “gender harassment” nelle università americane, citando alcuni casi nei quali discutere delle differenze di genere è stata equiparata a una forma di molestia.

Jordan Peterson recently tweeted that, “The STEM fields are next on the SJW hitlist. Beware, engineers.” I’m convinced that Peterson is correct and I feel that my ongoing case has allowed me to see a likely avenue of attack from those who support the equity agenda. They will characterize any discussion of sex differences, no matter how calm and rational, as a form of gender harassment which in turn constitutes sexual harassment. In other words, if you dare to discuss the science of sex differences—even at a university—there’s a good chance that you’ll be accused of violating US law

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