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I medici di base britannici prescriveranno diete liquide di 800 calorie per combattere il diabete [EN]

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Il Guardian riporta che, dopo che uno studio ha evidenziato che una dieta di 800 calorie al giorno può indurre una remissione del diabete di tipo 2 in un paziente su otto, il NHS britannico si appresta a lanciare uno studio pragmatico su una popolazione di 5.000 pazienti, che avranno una dieta liquida di 800 calorie fornita dal NHS.

“This is not for Mr Joe Bloggs who is a bit overweight and doesn’t have diabetes,” Professor Naveed Sattar, an expert in metabolic medicine from Glasgow University, told The Independent. “This is for people with diabetes who have a strong incentive to lose that weight.”

The escalation of the NHS fight against type 2 diabetes comes as a group of doctors and researchers, including Mr Sattar, said the government is not doing enough to counter the obesity epidemic.

In the same mould as the sugar tax, they called for more legislation to force food manufacturers to reduce fat and label calories in takeaway meals, and challenged “conspiracy thinking” which is causing a boom in high fat diets.

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