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Il recente viaggio di al-Sisi in Oman

Il recente viaggio di al-Sisi in Oman

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Un articolo su Al-Monitor spiega l’evoluzione dei rapporti da l’Oman di Sultan Qaboos e l’Egitto di al-Sisi, nel contesto delle tensioni tra Iran e Arabia Saudita:

Sisi and Qaboos are two leaders who believe that it is in the interest of the Arab states to accommodate, rather than aggressively counter, the expansion of Iran’s influence. Such a shared perception of the need for diplomacy on the Iran file is a major factor that could bring about closer geopolitical alignment between Cairo and Muscat. Egypt and Oman’s growing understanding of regional issues may unsettle the Saudi rulers, as the kingdom applies greater pressure on its neighboring Arab states to back Riyadh’s efforts to push back against Iran, which neither the leadership in Cairo nor Muscat want to embrace.

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