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L’oscura verità sul cioccolato [EN]

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Un articolo del Guardian parla delle fortune del cioccolato, esaltato come un rimedio per agitazione, anemia, angina e asma. Si dice che aumenti l’appetito e sia anche afrodisiaco.

Negli ultimi anni siamo stati inondati da messaggi che dicono che il cioccolato sarebbbe una specie di “superfood”, capace di influire su molti meccanismi fisiologici e sulla nostra salute. Come si è verificato questo cambiamento?

Its foundations lie in chocolate manufacturers having poured huge sums into funding nutrition science that has been carefully framed, interpreted and selectively reported to cast their products in a positive light over the last 20 years.  Such studies have generated hundreds of media reports that exaggerate their findings, and omit key details and caveats.

Prof Marion Nestle, a nutritional scientist at New York University,  points out that most studies on chocolate and health get industry funding, but journalists generally fail to highlight this. “Industry-funded research tends to set up questions that will give them desirable results, and tends to be interpreted in ways that are beneficial to their interests,” she says.

Research has repeatedly shown that when food companies are paying, they are more likely to get helpful results. US researchers who reviewed 206 studies about soft drinks, juice and milk, for example, found that those receiving industry money were six times more likely to produce favourable or neutral findings than those that did not.

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