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A Czech LSD Trip [EN]

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Aleksander Kaczorowski su Przekrój parla della storia dell’LSD cecoslovacco, durata quasi un quarto di secolo, e che era cominciata con una fiducia idealistica nella possibilità della scienza, una porta attraverso cui i medici entravano nel mondo dei deliri e delle psicosi a scopi conoscitivi e terapeutici.

The history of Czechoslovak LSD is one of the greatest phenomena of the second half of the 20th century. How come for almost a quarter of a century, in a communist state, thousands of people, including many popular artists such as Karel Gott, were able to use psychedelic drugs entirely legally?

Why was 1960s Czechoslovakia the leading manufacturer and exporter of LSD? And why could psychiatrists there, under the guardianship of the secret police and military intelligence, experiment freely with this substance long after it had been banned all over the world?

The most unbelievable thing about this story is that it originated long before the era of Flower Power, the counterculture movement and the 1968 Prague Spring, in a past as distant and gloomy as possible: during the first years of communist rule in Eastern Europe.


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