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Com’era comprare un’auto in Unione Sovietica [EN]

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Eleonora Goldman su Russia Beyond propone un articolo, ricco di immagini d’epoca, nel quale si tratta un aspetto particolare della vita sotto l’URSS: la possibilità per un normale cittadino di ottenere un’automobile, raccontando al contempo l’evolversi dell’industria automobilistica russa.

After the war, a large number of Opel and Mercedes “trophy cars” showed up in the USSR, and domestic car factories copied these to produce their own models. As a result, by the mid-1950s Soviet people had the opportunity to buy new cars for themselves. Except for one thing: demand for this technological miracle turned out to be much greater than Gosplan (the State Planning Committee) had anticipated, and so buying a car meant spending years on a waiting list. People would make the purchase directly via their place of work. “You’ve saved enough—you’ve bought a car!” was a popular slogan at the time.

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