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Il gioco di Ovidio [EN]

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A cura di @magnabagigi (modificato).

Donna Zucerkberg ripercorre su Lapham’s Quarterly la storia della seduzione, partendo dall’Ars amatoria di Ovidio per arrivare fino a The game di Neil Strauss.

Game is about becoming the kind of man women will be attracted to automatically. Such a man—stylish, confident, charismatic—will, as a matter of course, receive everything he wants, including desirable sexual partners. The seduction community claims it can teach almost anyone how to become that kind of man.

Game is about more than learning techniques for how to pick up women in bars; it is a way of thinking about women, men, and how the two genders interact with each other in social settings.

Immagine tratta da Wikimedia.

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