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Jeremy Corbyn non verrà ricandidato dal Partito laburista

Jeremy Corbyn non verrà ricandidato dal Partito laburista

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Politicshome dà notizia del definitivo divorzio (dopo un periodo di sospensione) di Corbyn dal Partito laburista.

Corbyn ally says suggestions Starmer challenged handling of issue while in shadow cabinet are ‘nonsense’

Labour leader Keir Starmer has confirmed that former leader Jeremy Corbyn will not stand as a Labour candidate at the next election, after the UK’s equality watchdog said Labour has now improved how it handles anti-Semitism complaints.

“What I said about the party changing, I meant it, and that’s why Jeremy Corbyn will not stand as a candidate at the next election,” Starmer unequivocally confirmed following an East London speech marking the Equality and Human Rights Commission findings that the Labour party had improved its record on anti-Semitism.

The EHRC had previously found that the party, with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, had breached the Equality Act through unlawful discrimination. Corbyn did not accept the findings.

Corbyn had the Labour whip suspended in November 2020 over the initial EHRC findings and has stood as an independent candidate since, with questions over whether he would be allowed back into the Labour fold ahead of the next election.

In today’s speech, Starmer said he was “appalled” by the party under its previous leadership but now wants to bring the party “back to the British people”.


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