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La presenza cinese nelle telecomunicazioni europee [EN]

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Politico analizza la tematica relativa ai problemi di sicurezza che porrebbe la presenza sempre più massiccia di Huawei nel settore delle telecomunicazioni in Europa.

Huawei has succeeded in Europe where it has failed in the United States — and that’s becoming a problem on the Continent.
The Chinese tech giant is banned from bidding for government contracts in the U.S. over concerns that its telecommunication equipment could be used for spying by Beijing.
In Europe, by contrast, Huawei is one of the largest of network backbone technology in countries like the U.K., Germany and Spain. It is also set to become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the European Commission’s push to roll out so-called 5G wireless technology — which promises faster, more efficient data connections for everything from virtual reality to connected cars. Huawei’s 5G technology is among the most advanced, and cheapest, in the world.

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