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Nella mente di Jeff Bezos [EN]

Nella mente di Jeff Bezos [EN]

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A cura di NedCuttle21(Ulm) (modificato).

In un articolo pubblicato sul Guardian, lo scrittore Mark O’Connell, riflettendo su alcuni aspetti contraddittori della propria personalità – in quanto  consumatore con simpatie socialiste -, indaga la figura di Jeff Bezos e il ruolo di Amazon nell’economia e nella società contemporanee.

The first thing I ever bought on Amazon was an edutainment DVD for babies. I don’t recall making the purchase, but the data is unequivocal on this point: on 14 November 2004, I bought Baby Einstein: Baby Noah – Animal Expedition for the sum of £7.85. My nearest guess is that I got it as a Christmas present for my nephew, who would at that point have been one year old, and at the very peak of his interest in finger-puppet animals who cavort to xylophone arrangements of Beethoven. This was swiftly followed by three more DVD purchases I have no memory of making. Strangely, I bought nothing at all from Amazon the following year, and then, in 2006, I embarked on a PhD and started ramping up my acquisition of the sort of books that were not easily to be found in brick-and-mortar establishments. Dry treatises on psychoanalysis. Obscure narrative theory texts. The occasional poetry collection. Everything ever published by the American novelist Nicholson Baker.


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