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Sfidare il sotto-testo antidiversità [EN]

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La scrittrice femminista americana Emily Smith riesamina a distanza di tempo la polemica suscitata dal memo dell’ingegnere di Google, James  Damore.

L’autrice, ingegnere informatico per anni, da’ conto a Damore ed altri di non aver volontariamente spinto per tenere indietro le donne dalla IT, ma di aver preso una posizioni poco informata.

While sexists certainly exist, many who champion the biological point of view about gender and tech are processing the data available to them … and earnestly asking why we’re pushing so hard for parity, given that women generally don’t seem as interested in the work.

To women in tech, the gap in this logic is clear. These guys (and yes, some women) may feel informed from studies and statistics, but they lack the most critical piece of data: what it actually feels like to be a woman in tech… Studies show that, through high school, women have the same abilities in STEM but perform better than men in things like linguistics, which encourages women to lean into those areas. Studies also show that as women enter an industry in greater numbers, the pay in that industry declines over time. In other words, women could do what men do, but we choose not to because we are relatively better at other things — but we also get paid less to do them.

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