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The Gaza-ification of the West Bank

The Gaza-ification of the West Bank

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Sul The New Yorker, una lunga intersvita a Hagai El-Ad, un attivista israeliano in passato direttore esecutivo della ONG B’Tselem che si occupa dei diritti umani in West bank e della dislocazione forzata dei civili palestinesi.

The Israeli goal of cleansing as much of Area C as possible from Palestinian communities is not a new goal. Area C is just over sixty per cent of the West Bank—basically, all of the West Bank outside of the major Palestinian population centers and towns. All of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are in Area C. The major Palestinian population centers are like holes in Swiss cheese, where the cheese itself is Area C, engulfing everything

These Palestinian communities have been under threat and pressure of military violence and settler violence and whatnot for years already. The legal phrase that describes it is creating a “coercive environment” so that the Palestinians will leave of their own volition

First try to imagine a reality in which already, for years, you are living in this situation in which you can’t get a building permit because Israel just doesn’t give many to Palestinian communities. So you’re under constant threat of home demolition, and sometimes not only the threat. Sometimes the bulldozers show up. You’re not allowed to have running water or electricity; maybe you have electricity from solar panels that were donated to you by a European humanitarian agency. And even those solar panels sometimes get confiscated by the Army with the excuse that they’re not legal. Sometimes the Army comes and trains on your field. Sometimes settlers show up and rough up some people, beat them, threaten them. Sometimes soldiers come and do that.


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