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Conti congelati, proteste, violenza e sopraffazione – una storia dalla Cina

Conti congelati, proteste, violenza e sopraffazione – una storia dalla Cina

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Authorities in China’s Henan province say they will start releasing money to customers who have had their funds frozen by several rural banks.

Ne parla questo podcast di BBC World Business Report  [dal minuto 7:45 al 12:25] e questo articolo di Fortune.

Bank customers demanding their money back staged China’s largest protest in years. The violent episode is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of China’s looming banking crisis

Questi risparmiatori con i conti bloccati avevano provato a protestare in aprile ma “qualcuno” nel governo aveva fatto in modo che i loro cellulari li segnalassero esposti al covid e non potessero quindi riunirsi

In response to the protests, local authorities in Henan weaponized China’s COVID-19 health code apps. In China, citizens use health code apps to gain access to nearly every venue outside their homes, from work sites to movie theaters. The QR code-based apps use a traffic light system. Green signals the user is at minimal risk of having COVID, yellow means moderate risk, and red indicates high risk and bans the user from entering businesses or public places.

In late May, bank depositors, some of whom did not even attend the protest, reported that their health codes had turned red after public demonstrations at the local banks.

Due giorni fa c’è stata un’altra manifestazione di protesta, i  hanno fatto una nuova protesta e sono stati picchiati da delle milizie non ben identificate mentre la polizia guardava.

On Sunday, protesters held banners and chanted while sitting on the steps to the Chinese central bank in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan.

Local media reports say police were present at the scene and had told protesters to leave.

Shortly afterwards, protesters were then approached by a group of unidentified men – believed to be security personnel but dressed in plain-clothes.

Videos posted on social media showed these men shoving and pelting protesters.


“A group of people without police uniforms [on] rushed towards us. They hit us hard, especially [the] men,” said the protester, who wanted to be identified only as Ms Wang.


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