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Notizie dal sistema solare e oltre – aprile 2023

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Le principali notizie di febbraio riassunte in inglese nei Rocket Report di ArsTechnica:

31.03 – Rocket Report: ULA Centaur stage has an ‘anomaly,’ Virgin Orbit funding is dire

24.03 – Rocket Report: German launch company loses backer; Soyuz-5 may be in trouble

10.03 – Rocket Report: Boeing to bid SLS for military launch; Ariane chief says all is well

03.03 – Rocket Report: Rocket Lab may drop helicopter recovery; ULA up for sale?

… e nella video rubrica settimanale Space Bites di Fraser Cain:

31.03 – JWST Reveals Trappist-1 Data // Earth-Sized Rogue Planet // Vulcan Delay

24.03 – iSpace At The Moon // 3D-Printer Rocket // Life Near Rogue Planets

17.03 – Venus Breakthrough // $1B to Deorbit ISS // Strange Moon Spacesuit Reveal

11.03 – China’s Giant Rocket // Dark Big Bang // Next Bright Comet

04.03 – Moon’s Dirty Problem // JWST’s Gravitational Lens // Starlink V2 Mini

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