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Notizie dal sistema solare e oltre – giugno 2023

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Le principali notizie di maggio riassunte in inglese nei Rocket Report di ArsTechnica:

26.05 – Rocket Report: Europe has a rocket problem, FAA testing safety of methane

19.05 – Rocket Report: Canada places premium on a spaceport, Lueders heads to Starbase

12.05 – Rocket Report: SpaceX hits success milestone, Vulcan to resume testing

05.05 – Rocket Report: China selling reusable engines; can SpaceX still raise money?

… e nella video rubrica settimanale Space Bites di Fraser Cain:

27.05 – NASA Selected Blue Origin // Galaxies Getting More Impossible // First (Exo)Radiation Belt

19.05 – Can We Fix The Hubble Tension // JUICE’s Happy End // NASA’s Snake Robot

12.05 – First Artificial Gravity Test in 2025 // Uranus Moons’ Oceans // Webb’s Eye of Sauron

06.05 – JUICE in Trouble // Sun-Like Star Devours a Planet // Artificial Gravity Space Station

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