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Stop Googling, Let’s Talk [EN]

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Su suggerimento di @faysix.

Sherry Turkle sul New York Times riporta diverse esperienze e studi riguardo la trasformazione delle conversazioni nell’era degli smartphone e si chiede quanto sia preoccupante il fatto che la familiarità con i telefoni intelligenti influenzi le discussioni anche quando non utilizzati:

Sometimes it simply means hearing people out. A college junior told me that she shied away from conversation because it demanded that one live by the rigors of what she calls the “seven minute rule.” It takes at least seven minutes to see how a conversation is going to unfold. You can’t go to your phone before those seven minutes are up. If the conversation goes quiet, you have to let it be.”
“When college students explain to me how dividing their attention plays out in the dining hall, some refer to a “rule of three.” In a conversation among five or six people at dinner, you have to check that three people are paying attention — heads up — before you give yourself permission to look down at your phone.

[…] It’s that we don’t allow these conversations to happen in the first place because we keep our phones in the landscape.

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