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What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean?

What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean?

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Yousef Munayyer su Jewish Currents dà una interpretazione dello strillo «From the River to the Sea».

One of the key reasons members of congress gave for censuring Tlaib was her embrace of the popular protest chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which the censure resolution called a “genocidal call for violence.” However, as the Palestinian American writer and scholar Yousef Munayyer wrote in a 2021 article we are including below, this ascription of genocidal intent to the chant does not reflect the historical record. “There has never been an ‘official Palestinian position calling for the forced removal of Jews from Palestine,’” Munayyer wrote, citing the historian Maha Nasser. Instead, Munayyer argued,“‘from the river to the sea’ is a rejoinder to the fragmentation of Palestinian land and people by Israeli occupation and discrimination.” Observers have pointed out that the phrase “from the river to sea” is present in the founding charter for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, where it is used to refer to the breadth of all the land where Israel currently wields total control. To therefore call for freedom for all Palestinians on that land using the same words seems totally natural.

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