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A Brexit Christmas Carol [EN]

A Brexit Christmas Carol [EN]

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In un lungo contributo, Sir  Ivan Rogers descrive la coazione a ripetere gli stessi errori che sembra attanagliare lo UK e la EU durante il negoziato passato, presente e futuro sulla Brexit.  La conclusione è che sia a rischio l’equilibrio geopolitico e strategico del continente europeo, con una frattura che rischia di essere esiziale per entrambi.

“I agree with you that the defence of the integrity of your project has to be paramount, and that internal solidarity must trump any relationship with a third country, even a big ex member and strategic partner. I also personally fully accept that exit has unequivocal, and in my view, very substantial, legal consequences which cannot be evaded, but still are being evaded by our political class … But…this relationship hugely matters to you. If we are all honest and sober, it has deteriorated, is deteriorating and could continue to deteriorate. Rather a lot.

There is no law of nature which dictates that the relationship with an exiting U.K must end up thin, sour and conflictual. And it would be a thoroughly bad thing for all Western democracies should it do so.

We have far larger fundamental similarities on our view of the world than we have differences, and we have plenty that, in a sane world in which we could think beyond next week or next year, we would find new ways to work on together.

But you do risk, in a hardball repetition next year of the tactics of the last couple of years, ending up with a deal which simply does not fly politically.

And which, even if it did, far from warming U.K public opinion, would alienate it.”

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