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Apologia del saccheggio [EN]

Apologia del saccheggio [EN]

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Graeme Wood per The Atlantic recensisce “In Defense of Looting” scritto dalla scrittrice e attivista transgender Vicky Osterweil (intervistata qui su NPR e qui da Claire Fallon su Huffington Post), dove viene assunta una visione politicamente positiva dei saccheggi occorsi durante le recenti proteste negli USA.

Osterweil’s argument is simple. The “so-called” United States was founded in “cisheteropatriarchal racial capitalist” violence. That violence produced our current system, particularly its property relations, and looting is a remedy for that sickness. “Looting rejects the legitimacy of ownership rights and property, the moral injunction to work for a living, and the ‘justice’ of law and order,” she writes. Ownership of things—not just people—is “innately, structurally white supremacist.”
The rest of the remedy is more violence, which she celebrates as an underrated engine for social justice. The destruction of businesses is an “experience of pleasure, joy, and freedom,” Osterweil writes. It is also a form of “queer birth.” “Riots are violent, extreme, and femme as fuck,” according to Osterweil. “They rip, tear, burn, and destroy to give birth to a new world.”

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