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Banche dello sperma colte a fornire materiale sbagliato [EN]

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L’Independent commenta le notizie provenienti dagli USA su alcuni casi di un nuovo, promettente filone legale: gli errori di fornitura di materiale da parte di banche dello sperma.  Il problema sollevato da alcune clienti è che il materiale fornito non corrisponde a quello che esse avevano selezionato dopo una lunga e minuziosa ricerca sulle caratteristiche genetiche che il produttore garantiva.

The couple spent hours pouring over sperm donor profiles, finally settling on a man with a clean medical record and few health issues in his family. He was an anonymous donor, and they knew him only by his identifying number… As it turned out, the sperm bank had sold her sperm not from the man she had carefully selected, but from a completely different donor. She discovered the identity of the man whose sperm she was given and learned that his medical history was far from pristine. A grandmother had died of brain cancer at the age of 60, and a grandfather had suffered from Alzheimer’s. Another grandmother had died of heart disease.

“I felt like they tainted the gene pool for my kids,” Cindy says of the sperm bank. (She asked that her full name be withheld to protect the privacy of her children.) “I didn’t choose someone who has a history of brain cancer in the family. I would never have chosen this donor.”

Finora i tribunali cui si sono rivolte le clienti hanno rigettato le cause:

“A court could say: ‘You didn’t get the donor you wanted, but how can you say that you’re worse off? How do you know that one donor is better than the other?’’”

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