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Diventare un meme [EN]

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Su suggerimento d @mk.

Un articolo su Hopes and Fears racconta la storia di Jerry Messings, diventato famoso in internet come il volto dei cosidetti neckbeard:

The dude-breed that Jerry has become the unwitting face of might be the most loathed of them all. He is the “poster-child of neckbeards” (according to Know Your Meme), the mute representative of every alienated, woman-hating, “friendzone”-marooned isolate ever to kill time on 4Chan. When Tumblr users think of Gamergate—last year’s eruption of male entitlement, incited, somehow, by a game developer’s relationship with a journalist—this is the man they picture. Jerry’s headshot, intended to re-start his acting career, has instead been refashioned into propagandist ammo, a way for one side of a clash—the side its opponents might dub “social justice warriors”—to caricature the other.

Immagine da Flickr.

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