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I limiti del programma SETI “Breakthrough Listen”

I limiti del programma SETI “Breakthrough Listen”

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Un articolo di Wired evidenzia gli attuali limiti dell’iniziativa “Breakthrough Listen”, un programma SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence – Ricerca di Intelligenza Extraterrestre) finanziato dal miliardario russo Yuri Milner.

The program began collecting data with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia last year. In October, the team announced they will collaborate with the 500-meter FAST telescope in China, and earlier this month, Breakthrough began observations with the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia. Within their observations, says astronomer Dan Werthimer, a lead Breakthrough scientist, “we look for a rich variety of signal types, because it’s very hard to know what ET might be doing.” But the way the project currently processes those signals—with a lag between observation and analysis—means they won’t necessarily be able to verify an intelligent extraterrestrial signal if they catch one.

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