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I palestrati sono di destra? [EN]

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A cura di @Asmodeo.

Un articolo di Broadly commenta i risultati di uno studio della Brunel University, secondo la quale i frequentatori abituali di palestre sono più politicamente affini alla destra.

A research team led by Dr. Michael Price assessed 171 men aged 18-40, collecting data on their height, weight, waist size, hand grip, muscularity, and arm and chest strength using a 3D body scanner. They also analyzed their political and social views, asking them whether they supported the redistribution of wealth (a key tenet of socialism) or believed that some social groups should have dominance over others. Participants were surveyed on how often they went to the gym and their personal wealth. Additionally, the men were categorized according to their facial attractiveness and perceived masculinity and dominance by a group of independent assessors[…]

Price’s findings? That rich muscle dudes are the worst! Under those rock-hard abs lie the rock-hard souls of men who doesn’t believe in spreading their riches around. “It’s basically your tolerance to the idea that wealth shouldn’t be redistributed,” Dr. Price explains. “Some people thought it was horrible; some people thought it was fine.”

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