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Il lavoro da remoto è destinato a rimanere?

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NPR pubblica un commento  sulla possibile evoluzione futura del lavoro da remoto.

Prendendo spunto da una recente ricerca in cui si riportano i numeri delle persone che attualmente lavorano da remoto in USA, ne riporta i punti di forza:

Workers don’t have to waste time or resources commuting. And they can live where they want. Companies can save money on commercial real estate, which is insanely expensive in places like Manhattan and Silicon Valley (side note: this also shifts the cost of real estate to workers, but that’s another discussion). A virtual office offers a virtually unlimited labor pool for companies to recruit from. In econ jargon, there are better “matching” opportunities. “You get to tap into the best people wherever they are,” Brynjolfsson says. Moreover, he argues, this shift is pushing companies to focus on performance and output as opposed to just “clocking hours.”

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