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Lunga vita al Sole [EN]

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Casey Handmer su The Cosmopolitan Globalist argomenta in un lungo articolo che il fotovoltaico ha già vinto la gara con il nucleare per essere la fonte predominante di energia decarbonizzata: è semplice, sicuro e i costi si stanno riducendo moltissimo.

Solar power and batteries are so rapidly outpacing new orders for every other form of electricity generation that nuclear can’t catch up. On the current trajectory, solar power will meet worldwide demand by about 2030. By then, a nuclear power plant we begin building now might be ready to come online.[…]

But this neglects the most important reason why solar power is crushing nuclear power. After all, a much simpler and cheaper nuclear plant could be invented tomorrow. The reason solar power and batteries are winning is because the manufacturing technology can be iterated every six months, so the learning curve is much faster. Nuclear power plant technology iterates about every 25 years, or twice in the 50-year life of a nuclear power plant.

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