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Maid [EN]

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In un articolo pubblicato su Time Magazine, la scrittrice statunitense Stephanie Land – autrice di Maid, romanzo autobiografico che ha ispirato la serie Netflix omonima – racconta il suo rapporto con la povertà.

I signed my first book contract without paying much attention to what it said. I didn’t know at the time that the book would be a best seller or that it would one day inspire a Netflix series. I just needed the money. I was a single mom with a 2-year-old and a 9-year-old, living in low-income housing, and because of a late paycheck, I hadn’t eaten much for a few weeks, subsisting on pizza I paid for with a check I knew would bounce.

Stephany Land racconta come sia uscita dalla povertà dopo aver scritto il suo libro, senza però potersi lasciare completamente la povertà dietro le spalle.

This wasn’t my first bout of hunger. I had been on food stamps and several other kinds of government assistance since finding out I was pregnant with my older child. My life as a mother had been one of skipping meals, always saving the “good” food, like fresh fruit, for the kids I told myself deserved it more than I did. The apartment was my saving grace. Housing security, after being homeless and forced to move more than a dozen times, was what I needed the most. Hunger I was O.K. with, but the fear of losing the home where my children slept was enough to cause a mind-buzzing anxiety attack that wouldn’t let up.

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