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Quillette su Greta Thunberg [EN]

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Due articoli su Quillette pubblicati la scorsa primavera, uno di Paulina Neuding, e l’altro di Kathrine Jebsen Moore, approfondiscono la figura di Greta Thunberg e i possibili lati discutibili dei suoi slogan.

Il primo focalizza sul libro della madre di Greta, Malena Ernman:

We are offered a story of “a family in crisis and a planet in crisis”—two phenomena that are presented as inextricably linked. The book posits that oppression of women, minorities, and people with disabilities stem from the same overarching root problem as climate change: an unsustainable way of life. The family’s private crisis and the global climate crisis, the authors argue, are simply symptoms of the same systemic disorder.

Il secondo, invece, entra più nel dettaglio delle sue dichiarazioni:

 Thunberg’s rhetoric has a tendency to lapse into demagogy—simplistic, emotive, accusatory, and apocalyptic. “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes,” she has sullenly instructed the assembled adults. And: “You are not mature enough to tell it like it is—even that burden you leave to us children.” The only “sensible” thing to do, she claims, is to “pull the emergency brake.”

What that would mean in practice? Thunberg is not detained by details. Culturico explains that she represents the “dark green” environmentalists, who blame a combination of overpopulation and technology for our changing environment.

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