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Trump contro Clinton è anni ’80 contro anni ’90

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Su suggerimento di @GiMa

Un articolo di Politico descrive lo scontro tra Donald Trump e Hillary Clinton non solo come uno scontro tra due candidati alla presidenza, ma tra due periodi ben precisi del secolo scorso; gli anni ’80 per Trump e gli anni ’90 per Hillary.

What’s the 2016 election really about? The Eighties are running against the Nineties. The 1980s and 1990s remain who Trump and Clinton, respectively, are – or at least how they seem most of the time. The 1980s was the decade when Trump emerged as a local symbol of New York City’s brash new wealth and parlayed that into national fame. His taste for Italian marble and gold-plated fixtures perfectly matched a period that extolled conspicuous displays of personal wealth. For Clinton, the 1990s, a decade dominated by technology-driven prosperity, affirmed her conviction that brainpower and idealism could overcome bitter political divisions. She entered the White House as a full partner in a duo bent on seizing a political center evaporating faster than liquid helium.

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