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A che punto siamo con le auto a guida autonoma? [EN]

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A cura di Billy Pilgrim.

Un articolo del New York Times (link alternativo) fa il punto sul livello di maturità tecnologica e commerciale delle auto a guida autonoma. Ford ed altre aziende avrebbero dichiarato di essere stati troppo ottimisti circa l’arrivo sul mercato delle nuove automobili, che ancora faticano a prevedere il comportamento dei pedoni e degli altri automobilisti:

A year ago, Detroit and Silicon Valley had visions of putting thousands of self-driving taxis on the road in 2019, ushering in an age of driverless cars.

Most of those cars have yet to arrive — and it is likely to be years before they do. Several carmakers and technology companies have concluded that making autonomous vehicles is going to be harder, slower and costlier than they thought.

“We overestimated the arrival of autonomous vehicles,” Ford’s chief executive, Jim Hackett, said at the Detroit Economic Club in April.

In the most recent sign of the scramble to regroup, Ford and Volkswagen said Friday that they were teaming up to tackle the self-driving challenge […] He and others attribute the delay to something as obvious as it is stubborn: human behavior.

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