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L’effimera arte dei bambini [EN]

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Su suggerimento di @Eric Sink.

Mary Townsend spiega sull’Atlantic perché conservare la produzione artistica dei bambini è una cattiva idea, basata sull’idea propria degli adulti di nostalgia per l’infanzia.

There’s a moment when a child first presents you with her art, holding it out with the last split second of attention she can muster after completing it. That moment contains a burst of pride on both your parts, and a frisson of mutual love. But in the end, your pride lasts longer than the child’s does. Eventually, and soon, it must move on to another venture. Theirs always does, but yours lingers, heartstrings tugged.

It’s the wish to prolong this moment artificially, I think, that motivates the urge to keep and curate your children’s art for posterity. You convince yourself there’s some future where your child will want to return to that moment of pride and love through the act of witnessing the thing she made so long ago.

Don’t fall for it. You’re only trying to make yourself feel better.

Immagine da pxhere.

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