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Come Marco Minniti affronta l’immigrazione illegale [EN]

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Su suggerimento di @Yoghi.

Un articolo dell’Economist parla della politiche di contrasto all’immigrazione illegale di Marco Minniti, in cui vede una nuova risposta da parte della sinistra alle sfide poste dalla crisi migratoria:

Once a card-carrying communist, Mr Minniti reinvented himself as a centre-left pragmatist. Today his security-first approach to migration irks other Italian ministers who hew to what an EU official calls “the moralistic school of policy”. Some ex-colleagues, such as Massimo D’Alema, Mr Minniti’s mentor and a former prime minister, have disowned him; NGOs hate him. But voters are fans. Mr Minniti was a “far-sighted interpreter of fast-changing Italian attitudes”, says Giampiero Massolo, a former intelligence head who worked with him. “He did things that would have been unthinkable for the left a few years ago.”

Immagine da Flicr (Camera dei Deputati).

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