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Come McKinsey si è persa in Sudafrica [EN]

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Il New York Times racconta le sfortune della multinazionale di consulenza strategica McKinsey in Sudafrica, dove aveva firmato nel 2015 un importante contratto con la società dell’energia Eskom.

The contract turned out to be illegal, a violation of South African contracting law, with some of the payments channeled to an associate of an Indian-born family, the Guptas, at the center of a swirling corruption scandal. Then there was the lavish size of that payout. It did not take a Harvard Business School graduate to explain why South Africans might get angry seeing a wealthy American firm cart away so much public money in a country with the worst income inequality in the world and a youth unemployment rate over 50 percent.

Walt Bogdanich e Michael Forsythe, autori dell’articolo, offrono anche qualche spiegazione per quello che considerano un clamoroso errore da parte di McKinsey.

Yet despite extensive coverage of the scandal by the local news media, one question has remained largely unanswered: How did McKinsey, with its vast influence, impeccable research credentials and record of advising companies and governments on best practices, become entangled in such an untoward affair?

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