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La crisi del quarto di vita [EN]

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Secondo Ryan Zilca, e secondo i suoi colleghi che lavorano alla app Happify, il periodo della vita prossimo ai 30 anni è tra i più difficoltosi dal punto di vista psicologico:

Regardless of the cause, the quarter-life crisis often spans several years and includes four typical stages. It starts with a feeling of being locked in to a commitment at work or at home: people take on jobs, rent apartments, and enter relationships, but then feel trapped in pretend adulthood. Then, at some point, they leave their romantic partners, jobs, or social groups and become separated and lonely. They spend the worst part of this crisis reflecting and recalibrating their plans, alone and isolated, until eventually they go out and explore new hobbies, interests, and social groups, finally emerging at the other side of the crisis happier, more motivated, and with a greater sense of clarity. This process can last for years, or repeat itself.

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