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Elon Musk, alti e molti bassi [EN]

Elon Musk, alti e molti bassi [EN]

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A cura di @GiMa.

Filip Piekniewski sul suo blog, partendo per l’ammirazione che una volta aveva per la figura di Elon Musk, esamina e smonta in chiave tecnica molte delle idee e innovazioni che accompagnano le imprese dell’imprenditore sudafricano.

At some point in 2015 or 2016 Elon started talking outrageous stuff in the domain of AI, a domain of my own expertise, which I could tell right away was total bullshit. And then I began looking at all this stuff in detail. Doing some math here and there. Reading various opinions. As a result, my opinion on Musk and many of his ideas has changed somewhat substantially. At this point, I can pretty much say with confidence that 90% of his stuff is utter BS, and the remaining 10% is perhaps impressive but still questionable.”


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