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Exodus, una recensione [EN]

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Su suggerimento di @Yoghi.

Ruper Edis discute sul Telegraph le tesi contenute nel libro Exodus, di Paul Collier.

Whether due to ideological impulse, electoral advantage-seeking or gross incompetence, under Labour 3.2million foreign migrants arrived in Britain, the majority from Africa and South Asia, plus a million illegal immigrants. In 2010 alone, more immigrants arrived in Britain than did between 1066 and 1950, excluding wartime.

The transformation continues apace. As this book demonstrates, once a foreign diaspora is established, obstacles to further immigration diminish, leading to an accelerating number of migrants from the country of origin. In 2009, 24 per cent of births in Britain were to a foreign-born mother.

Like David Goodhart’s recent The British Dream, Exodus, by the developmental economist Professor Paul Collier – a self-confessed member of the “liberal-left elite” – is a brave attempt to critique rather than support mass immigration and multiculturalism.

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