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Gli assalti alle fattorie in Sudafrica [EN]

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Un articolo del South China Morning Post analizza il fenomeno degli assalti alle fattorie in Sudafrica e critica la posizione ambigua del governo sudafricano sulla questione.

Dozens of white farmers are murdered in similar circumstances in South Africa every year.
In the absence of detailed statistics, the scope and scale of the crimes has become a battleground.
AfriForum, a pressure group that advocates on behalf of the country’s 9 per cent white population, is one of the forces seeking to shape the debate around farm murders.
“Farmers are living in remote areas, they are far from police stations,” said the group’s vice-president, Ernst Roets. “There are political factors that play a role here. We are concerned about hate speech, political leaders who … would say for example ‘the white farmers should be blamed for everything’.”

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