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Gli Stati Uniti hanno problemi a mantenere gli impegni [EN]

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Su suggerimento di @Giovanni.

In un articolo su Foreign Policy (link alternativo) Stephen Walt sostiene che gli Stati Uniti hanno ormai preso l’abitudine a fare promesse che non saranno poi in grado di mantenere.

Do Americans agree about anything anymore? Well, yes. Apart from a handful of unrepentant neoconservatives and reflexive warmongers (including, alas, the present national security advisor), I think there’s a growing consensus that the United States is overextended. We’re still fighting at least two wars (while conducting a whole bunch of more-or-less clandestine operations against various extremists in various places), and we are formally committed by treaty to defending more countries than at any time in U.S. history. There is little or no consensus on how to deal with this situation, but even those who think U.S. global leadership is the only thing preserving the world from barbarism might concede the need for a bit of readjustment these days.

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