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Il marxismo dei conservatori britannici [EN]

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Un articolo di JHIBlog parla di quei tories britannici come Roger Scruton e Maurice Cowling che hanno visto nel marxismo una valida base filosofica per una concezione conservatrice e di destra del mondo, anche più di quanto non fosse per loro il liberalismo.

For many on the Right today, describing something as “Marxist” is sufficient to mark it out as something every decent conservative should stand against. Indeed, at first glance Marxism and conservatism may even look diametrically opposed. One is radically egalitarian, whilst the other has always found it necessary to defend inequality in some form. One demands that a society’s institutions express social justice; whilst the other asks principally that they be stable and capable of managing change. One proceeds from principle; the other prefers pragmatism.

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