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Il nostro destino è tra le stelle [EN]

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George Musser, redattore di Scientific American e autore di libri divulgativi di fisica, scrive per The American Scholar una appassionata difesa dei programmi spaziali.

Three decades ago space advocate Robert Zubrin, building on a groundswell of support from academics and space enthusiasts, laid out how to get to Mars using, more or less, Apollo technology […] Sometimes you get the sense that Zubrin and others reverse the causality of their arguments. How nice it would be for space flight to be cheap — therefore it must be so. It’s easy to be skeptical. Too easy. Zubrin is over-optimistic, but he has to be. Otherwise you can’t get anything off the ground — or do anything in life, really.

— Immagine da Wikimedia Commons / NASA

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