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Il totalitarismo liberale [EN]

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Su Project Syndicate, Yanis Varoufakis discute l’evoluzione della proprietà di sé, o self-ownership, nella prospettiva del liberalismo. Secondo Varoufakis, il liberalismo odierno avrebbe mutato profondamente il proprio rapporto con questa categoria fondante della sua storia.

It used to be an axiom of liberalism that freedom meant inalienable self-ownership. You were your own property. You could lease yourself to an employer for a limited period, and for a mutually agreed price, but your property rights over yourself could not be bought or sold […]

Today, with colleagues, employers, clients, detractors, and “friends” constantly surveying our online life, we are under incessant pressure to evolve into a bundle of activities, images, and dispositions that amounts to an attractive, sellable brand. The personal space essential to the autonomous development of an authentic self – the condition that makes inalienable self-ownership possible – is now almost gone. The habitat of liberalism is disappearing.

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