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La maggior parte della violenza nel mondo è motivata dalla morale individuale [EN]

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Un articolo del 2015 di Quartz cerca di comprendere come e quando gli individui decidono che è legittimo ricorrere alla violenza.

While this was rather depressing work, it also led to some very interesting findings. We identified a pattern in that violence that was both predictive and explanatory.

The commonality was that the primary motivations were moral. This means that the perpetrators of violence felt like what they are doing was morally right. In fact, when they were committing the act, they perceived that not acting would be morally wrong. It wasn’t about a breakdown in moral sensibilities, but more that their sense of morality was different. They viewed violence as the fundamentally right thing to do even if no one else could see any possible justification for it.

Immagine da Wikimedia.

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