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L’assalto al Campidoglio avrebbe dovuto essere molto peggiore [EN]

L’assalto al Campidoglio avrebbe dovuto essere molto peggiore [EN]

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In un articolo sull’Atlantic Elaine Godfrey spiega quali fossero gli scopi dei più organizzati tra gli insorti che hanno assaltato il Campidoglio americano lo scorso sei Gennaio, compresi la presa di ostaggi e processi sommari.

“We are lucky, more than anything else, there wasn’t a large death toll,” Peter Simi, an expert on extremist groups at Chapman University, told me. “It could have been far, far worse.”

Rioters could have set off these bombs, used the flex cuffs to take lawmakers hostage, or set up a kind of kangaroo court for the politicians they consider to be traitors to the MAGA cause, Simi said. “The idea of taking folks who have committed treason prisoner, those are ideas that are widely circulating in [far-right] circles,” he said. “All the Democratic lawmakers and any of the Republicans that have criticized Trump or not fully supported Trump would be eligible.” A Reuters photographer on the scene said he heard at least three different rioters say they wanted to find and hang Pence, who supported certifying the results of the election.

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